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The Twelve-Strand Systemic Mentoring Model

The Twelve-Strand Systemic Mentoring Model. AFRICA’s BRAIN BANK®

The following twelve strand systemic mentoring model is derived in part from the Ten Strand Systemic Mentoring Model of the Timbuktu Academy (1). It deliberately entails a weaving of the following “overlapping” strands. [The implementation of its model and related results  earned the Timbuktu Academy the 2002 US Presidential Award for Excellence in STEM mentoring [US=PAESMEM]. (1) “Basic and Advanced Research Training for the New Millennium: The Model of the Timbuktu Academy.” D. Bagayoko, R. Bobba, E. L. Kelley, and S. Hasan. Journal of Materials Education, Vol. 24 (1-3), Pages 177-184, 2002.